Reasons Your Hair Dry And Brittle

Reasons Your Hair Dry And Brittle

The Weather
Summer includes overexposure to the sun, swimming, and products with alcohol, all of which can dry out hair. And with winter coming extreme cold followed by superheated indoors, which can make hair parched and dry.

Smoothing Treatments
Too much smoothing treatments done close together can leave your locks super thirsty. These treatments work effectively to smooth out the hair and make it delicious and dreamy, but if done too often, the structure of proteins on the hair causes it to become brittle.cabelo3.jpg
Hormonal Changes
The contraceptive pill, pregnancy and menopause are all times of the physiological changes in the body that can have a negative effect on the hair, including dryness and brittleness.

Daily Heat Styling
Whether it be the dryer or flat iron will daily heat to the hair to rid the hair of moisture. This causes a lot of unnecessary damage can be avoided. If heat is necessary, the aim of keeping the temperature below 200 degrees celsius.

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Using The Wrong Shampoo
Not all shampoos are created equal. If you want better effects of a shampoo, you can use Natural Argan Life Shampoo.