Natural Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

Natural Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be caused by sudden changes in body size such as pregnancy, quick weight gain or loss .But there are useful tips you can do to prevent stretch marks, as well as reducing the appearance.

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Argan Oil

Triterpenoids and antioxidants naturally present in argan oil. When applied to stretch marks, will help argan oil to fade scars, while also hydrating the skin and improving health of the cell. Argan oil is made up of about 80% of the fatty acids which soften and strengthen the skin, restoring elasticity and promote the growth of new cells. Also, ArganLife’s pure organic argan oil can be used as a healing moisturizer after treatment.

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera or aloe vera gel are excellent sources of vitamins that help to heal the skin. Aloe is also one of the most perfect natural moisturizers and is used to keep hair, skin and nails strong and healthy.



Amino acids are exist in eggs naturally.They can go through through the epidermis, help to strengthen the skin and heal scars. To make a mask, whip them until there is the white peaks. Use a soft brush , apply this treatment for stretch marks and let it dry completely before you remove. Follow up with a good stretch mark fighting moisturizer such as argan oil.maxresdefault

Sugar Scrub

Another way to reduce stretch mark is a scrub sugar. Mix 2 parts of sugar with 1 part  olive oil. Add a teaspoon organic lemon juice. Glycolic acid in sugar and citric acid in lemon juice are both potent alpha-hydroxy acids that help rejuvenate the skin by stimulating new growth.