Easy Treatment Tips For Hair

Easy Treatment Tips For Hair

For All Hair Types
The raw egg is , rich in fats and proteins, is naturally moisturizing, while the white, which contains bacteria-eating enzymes, removes unwanted oils.

To Use: For normal hair, make use of the whole egg in order to condition hair; use proteins only fat to treat hair; Use egg yolks only dry, brittle moisturize hair. Use 1/2 cup of the egg mixture is right for you and apply to clean, damp hair.

For Dull Hair
Styling products,a film that could help reverse this damage leaving moisture both juice and dulls shine-but dairy products such as sour cream and yogurt.

To Use: Rub 1/2 cup sour cream or yogurt into damp hair and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water followed by cold water, then shampoo hair as you normally would.

For Dry or Sun-Damaged Hair
Whatever your hair-dehydrate demon-hard water, sun overexposure, sweetener can help your trusty flat iron nature.

To Use: Massage about 1/2 cup honey into clean, damp hair, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can also add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil to loosen the honey for easier application.

For Frizzy Hair
Avocado is not only to repair damaged hair. The oils and proteins boast the best combination of nutrients for smoothing unruly hair and unwieldy.

To Use: Mash up half an avocado and massage into clean, damp hair. Let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Amp moisturizing power by combining mashed avocado with 1 to 2 tablespoons of moisturizing ingredients such as sour cream, egg yolks and mayonnaise.

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Important Tips for Natural Hair Care

Important Tips for Natural Hair Care

Keep Your Scalp Clean And Healthy

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. And of course, clean her follow suit. How do you choose your scalp and keep her clean is yours. Your hair cleaning method depends on several factors: its type (density, porosity, curl type) and personal ideologies. Some are against sulphates while others do not mind using them. Some are strictly co-rings, while others use washes mud. Some wash their hair every week, others every two weeks. These nuances are all part of the natural hair journey.

No matter your way, the key is to make sure that your scalp and hair have a healthy environment to thrive. If you want to try new methods, pay attention to how to respond to your scalp and hair, set your regimen accordingly.


Ensure Proper Moisture-Protein Balance

If your hair is dry and brittle (inelastic), it will break. If your hair is too loose (too elastic), it will break. In essence, if your hair falls too far on either side of the spectrum, will break; basically what you need to balance.

The key to fountain. You moisturize hair you need to add water or water based products to your hair. Protein gives your hair structure and strength. Depending on the structure of your hair, you may need more or less protein in your hair regime. The proper moisture-protein balance is different for everyone. So it’s important to assess your hair as you develop a regime.


Protect Your Strands

When growing natural hair, it is important to protect your strand ends. Maintaining proper protein-moisture balance provides the hair so it can withstand the elements. To protect her further, it is important to limit manipulation of your hair. You should also take into account mechanical damage and heat damage.

How you choose to protect your hair is up to you. The protective measures that you take depends on the thickness of your hair strand, your lifestyle and personal preferences. Protective style options are: fabrics, wigs, twists, braids, buns and up-dos.

Choosing Arganlife’s natural products with clean ingredients will make a huge difference for you! Arganlife Hair Care Products protect your hair and scalp with its unique Sulfate, Silicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free formulation.

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Foods For Healthy Hair

Foods For Healthy Hair

Like the skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of health inside. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of essential nutrients.

Eat right balance of these vitamins and minerals to provide hair with everything it needs to shiny, glossy and remain strong …



As hair is made of protein, so getting enough protein in your diet is essential for making hair strong and healthy. If you do not consume enough protein in your diet, your hair is likely to become dry, brittle and weak. Very low protein diets can cause hair loss. You can choose chicken, turkey, fish, dairy products and eggs as an excellent source of protein, along with vegetarian sources such as legumes and nuts.



Iron is a particularly important mineral for hair and too little iron (anemia) is a major cause of hair loss. The hair follicle and the root are fed by a nutrient-rich blood supply. When iron levels (serum ferritin) fall below a certain point, anemia can experience. This disrupts the nutrient supply of the follicle, through which the hair growth cycle and may lead to the rejection. Animal products such as red meat, chicken and fish such as iron with a high biological availability, which makes the iron available to the body. Vegetarians can increase their iron stores by including lentils, spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale and salad greens.



Omega-3 fatty acids are important fats our bodies can not make itself, and therefore must be obtained through our diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in the cells that line the scalp, and also the oil that cause the scalp and the hair moisturized. Look out for oily fish like salmon, herring, sardines, trout and mackerel and plant sources such as avocados, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.


Zinc and Selenium

Protection of the scalp to other types of important minerals such as zinc and selenium. And lack of zinc may cause hair loss and a dry, flaky scalp. Fortified cereals and whole grains will be great source of zinc, along with oysters, meat and eggs.


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What is Alopecia Areata ?

What is Alopecia Areata ?

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system accidently attacks hair follicles, which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent. Some experts do not know why the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Alopecia areata is most common in people younger than 18, but children and adults of any age can be affected. Women and men are affected equally.


Alopecia areata usually begins when stacks of hair fall out, resulting in totally smooth, round hairless patches on the scalp. In some cases the hair may become thinner without recognizable patches of baldness, or it may grow and break off, leaving short stubs. In rare cases, complete loss of scalp hair and body hair occurs. The hair loss often comes and goes-hair will grow back over several times in one area but will fall out in another area.

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When alopecia areata results in patches of hair loss, the hair usually grows back in a couple of months. Although the new hair is generally the same color and texture as the rest of the hair, it is fine and white sometimes.

About 9% of people with this condition may never regrow hair. You are more likely to have permanent hair loss if you:

Have a family history of this condition.

  • Have another autoimmune disease.
  • Are prone to allergies.
  • Have extensive hair fall.
  • Have abnormal color, shape or texture of the nails.

Because hair is an important part of appearance, hair fall can result in feeling unsightly.


How does alopecia areata affect your life?

Alopecia areata does not affect you as another condition might: it is not painful, it does not make you feel sick, and it does not result in serious health problems. You cannot spread it to other people, and it should not interfere with school, work, or recreation.

But if hair loss is making you feel unattractive and unconfident, it is important to take an action ! Arganlife Hair and Skin Care Products are your best supporters to reduce the effects !

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Hair is the first thing people see when you walk into the room and it can say a lot about you. Needless to say greasy, dirty, messy and unrefined hair doesn’t speak very highly of you. Keep your personal hygiene up-to-speed and give your hair the fresh, clean and healthy look it deserves without becoming a hair product junkie.

Protect Your Hair from Heated Styling Tools
If you’re going to use products that expose your hair to extreme heat regularly, be sure to apply a thermal protecting hair product first. Products containing ingredients like Royal Jelly or Vitamin B5 will coat the hair to protect it from damage while conditioning and repairing previous damage.

Shield Your Hair from the Sun

In summertime, we hear lots about protecting our skin from the sun but not so much about our hair. While the effects of the sun on the hair are not life-threatening, they can lead to dry, brittle and dull-looking hair. Look for shampoos, conditioners and leave-in conditioners that offer UVA and UVB protection to prevent excessive dehydration of the hair.

Take Your Vitamins

Although a nutrient-rich diet is key for healthy hair, supplements can help boost strands’ beauty as well. Biotin, a B vitamin, has been found to promote hair thickness and strength as well as increase shine. The Omega-3 fats found in fish oil capsules can improve the health of the scalp and promote shine and a healthier texture. Silica, a trace mineral often lacking in Western diets, may help strengthen hair and reduce the likelihood of damage.

Get Healthy

Bad habits like smoking, skimping on sleep or overdoing it with alcohol and processed foods compromise your health—and can be reflected in your scalp and hair. Make an effort to lead a healthy, balanced life and you’ll see a difference in your overall appearance. Also, steer clear of stress, which can lead to a number of health problems, including hair loss. Regular exercise, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques help keep your stress levels low—and your follicles intact!
Use Good Shampoo and Cure
You don’t have to stick with one kind or brand of shampoo or conditioner. For a long time I used the same brand my mother did, then I grew up and tried all kinds of brands until I found one’s I liked. I still try new brands and different things for my hair.
Apply enough amount to wet hair and massage gently throughout scalp and hair approxmimately 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is suitable for daily application. For the best results, it is recommended to use regularly.