What is the first thing that  human being cares most? No doubt the answer is the skin and the hair. Every day people wash, clean or keep soft their skin carefully from the top until the foot.Additional damaged hair causes hair loss, dropping this out. Weak hair follicle can stops growing hair once again. So how to take care our body and hair naturally? Following these easy-useful tips:

Care Well Every Parts Of Your Skin

You must use the right ways for cleaning and keep healthy your skin. Like choosing the right make-up remover, or body lotion.

Remove Your Makeup

First start removing your makeup specially at night or before going to bed. Otherwise the chemicals used in your makeup product will penetrate deeply into your face and can break air circulation, cause acne, irritation and infection. So your skin might get dry and lose softness. It is suggested clean your face with baking soda over face once a week. Or warm clean water would be perfect cleaner. Avoid using makeup cleaners. After Make-up you can put organic ARGANLife Oil from Morocco.

Wash Your Hair And Moisturizing Your Skin Is Recommended

All you need is taking a fresh bath after hard work. No one wants go to sleep with their dirty skin. Get a shower, wash your hair well with free alcohol, sulfate dye shampoo of ARGANLife. ARGANLife Hair Shampoo is ideal and moisturizing or hydrate your skin natural with product like pure organic natural argan oil from Morocco. 

Hair Care is The Key

Most of people avoid or forget to care their hair well. Without regular shampooing the hair can become lackluster, dried and smell. Also the most important key is finding the right shampoo.  if you use healthy hair and skin care products like natural ARGANLife Organic Oil and combine this with professional hair care productARGANLife. You will no have hair loss problems because An ARGANLife Shampoo and ARGANLife Organic Oil are 100% Organic, certificated, cold pressed, origin from Morocco will stop hair loss and help new hair to grow healthy


ARGANLife Pure  Oil fixes your skin cells and makes them back to life 

ARGANLife Organic Oil is one of the best skin care moisturizing. This special unique product keeps hair alive and new hair begin to appear over the head.

After birth stretch marks will disappear, you would get very pleased.

ARGANLife Anti Hair Loss/Hair Regrowth Shampoo will present everything related to hair care

Your hair will regrowth effectively

Hair follicle will get stronger.

Damaged hair will be repaired

Silky soft in the hair

You will notice the result in short time after use regularly






Harmful Ingredients In Shampoos

Harmful Ingredients In Shampoos

The main thing to keep in mind when thinking about sulphates is that they are cleaning chemicals. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that sulfates are very effective in removing dirt and oil …in fact, they are a little too effective. Sulfates are harsh on the hair and scalp, so they can get rid of that natural moisture that keeps your hair shiny and soft.On a deeper level, they may carry with them certain hormone-disrupting agents.

Parabens are another widely hated group of chemicals that you’ve probably been told to avoid in your beauty and personal care products. Parabens xeno, which means that they have a similar composition of hormones in the human body. Xenoestrogens are thought to disrupt hormones and may even pose a cancer risk.Real simple even noted that british scientists found evidence of parabens in samples of breast cancer tissue. While this does not necessarily mean the parabens try to parabens completely avoid the cause of cancer, most natural-minded people.


Smells bad, bad, bad. If the fragrance in your product is derived from a natural essential oil, it will be so say, on the package. If all manufacturers have chosen to tell you about the ingredient is that it is a ‘smell’, which is generally bad news.

Polyethylene Glycol
Polyethylene glycol, or PEG, is also thought to interfere with the body.  It is also known to be infected by the cancer-causing dioxane.


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Common Toxic Ingredients in Shampoos

Common Toxic Ingredients in Shampoos


Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate (SLS / SLES)

Sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant, detergent and emulsifier used in thousands of cosmetic products, as well as in industrial cleaners. It is washed in almost all shampoos, scalp, hair color and bleaching agents, toothpastes, body and cleaning products, make-up foundations, liquid hand soaps, detergents and bath oils / bath salts.

Although SLS originates from coconuts, the chemical but of course nothing.

The real problem with SLES / SLS is that the manufacturing process (ethoxylation) is contaminated results in SLES / SLS with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogenic by product.

SLS is the sodium salt of lauryl sulfate, and is organized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database as a “denaturant, surfactant cleansing agent, emulsifier and foamer” rated classified as “moderate risk.”

Scientific studies on SLS have shown links to:

Irritation of the skin and eyes
Organ toxicity
Developmental / reproductive toxicity
Neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicology and biochemical or cellular changes
Possible mutations and cancer


Diethanolamine or DEA

In a recent report, about 42% of all cosmetics were contaminated with NDEA, with shampoos have the highest concentrations. DEA also reacts readily with nitrite preservatives and contaminants Nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA) to generate a well-known and potent carcinogen.

This is a big problem since DEA appears to block the absorption of the nutrient choline, which. On the development of the brain crucial Pregnant women actually need additional choline, so that they can pass it on to her fetus.


Propylene Glycol

This ingredient is found in antifreeze and antifreeze, aircraft deicers, tire sealants, rubber washers, polyurethane pads, inks, adhesives, lacquers and paints, and in many products as a solvent or surfactant.

And guess what? Despite the fact the user the safety cautions skin contact to avoid with propylene glycol, since it is a strong skin irritant and can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage, it is more than likely in your shampoo.



Parabens, which are used as preservatives may be listed on the label as methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, isobutyl paraben or E216. They have particularly troubling links to cancer shown.

Studies have shown that parabens can influence your body similar to estrogen, which can lead to decreased muscle mass, fat storage, and male gynecomastia (breast growth). Other studies have also brought parabens to breast cancer in combination, found the researchers removed traces of parabens in every sample of tissue from 20 different breast tumors.

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