Good Care Of Your Nails

Good Care Of Your Nails

Rubber Gloves Are Your Friends
Do not ever do the dishes or clean your house without wearing rubber gloves. The chemicals you use to clean are very strong and can really damage your hands and nails. Not only that they will make your nails stronger, they can also give you nasty burns. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

Remove Cuticle
One of the biggest mistakes that many girls do when it comes to their nails is cutting the cuticles. This can not happen. Push your cuticles with a cuticle stick.

Regular Clipping
You really have no reason to have super long nails. Not only that, it is impractical, but it makes you look a little slutty. Keep your nails in length that do not come in a way your daily chores and clip them regularly. Nails that are too long are also much more likely to break.

Easy Nail Polish
Although colorful nails are quite cool, polish actually does a lot of damage to your nails. The reason is that nail polishes contain acetone, which softens the nails. Not often manicure your nails than once a week and buy only high quality nail polishes. If your nail polish the expiration date has passed, discard it immediately.

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