Brief Information About Acne

Brief Information About Acne

Acne is a disease that affects the skin glands oil. The small holes in the skin (pores) connect sebaceous glands under the skin. These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores connect to the nodes of a channel called a follicle. In the follicles, oil contributes dead skin cells at the surface of the skin.

How To Develop Acne?
Sometimes it is the hair, sebum and skin cells clump together to form a plug. The bacteria in the plug lead to swelling. Then when the plug starts to break down, a pimple grows.

Who Gets Acne?
Acne is the most common skin disease.

What Things Can Aggravate Acne?
-Changing hormone levels in adolescent girls and adult women 2 to 7 days before their period begins.
-Bicycle pressure helmets, backpacks or tight collars.
-Pollution and high humidity.
-Squeezing or picking at pimples.
-Hard scrubbing of the skin.


How People With Acne Should Care For Their Skin?
-Clean skin soft.
-Do not try your skin to touch.
-Stay out of the sun.
-Choose makeup carefully.
Shampoo your hair regularly.

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Common Mistakes Of Washing Hair!

Common Mistakes Of Washing Hair!

Wash our hair seems a simple task, something we often do without thinking anything of it. But did you know that you can make some common mistakes when washing your hair, which can affect how healthy and good looks?

Washing Your Hair Every Day;
The best way to keep your hair healthy and radiant is to wash your hair every other day or every three days. This is because to nourish the natural oils from your scalp, your hair and keeps it moisturized and protected.

The Use Of Very Hot Water;
This is to make one of the most common mistakes when washing your hair, so hot water opens the cuticle and promotes excess breakage of the hair fibers. We recommend using hot water for washing and, finally, a cold water rinse to seal cuticles and give your hair extra shine.

Do Not Use Conditioner;
Another mistake when washing your hair is not using conditioner. Remember that this product is the key to bright and beautiful hair that is full of life, not to mention it is very effective to split off in reducing frizz and prevent hair as you brush it.

Do Not Rinse Well;
If you are not washed out all shampoo or conditioner, you might be itchy and it can be very annoying and ugly scalp cause hair disorders like dandruff. Do not forget to rinse hair completely and check that no more foam coming out in the final rinse water.

Always The Same Shampoo;
Some shampoos contain too much detergent and you can get used to its meaning in the end not your hair properly and completely clean. To prevent this from happening to you, buy a high-quality shampoo, tailored to the needs of your hair and make sure it’s as natural as possible.

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If you want to healthy hair to Common Mistakes You Probably Make When Washing Your hair , we recommend you use ArganLife Products!


Prevention of Cellulite!

Prevention of Cellulite!

The name makes it sound like a medical condition. But cellulite is nothing more than normal fat under the skin. The fat appears bumpy as it pushes against connective tissue, causing wrinkling of the skin above it.Cellulite is not harmful. Many people, however, want to get rid of it because of the way it looks.

What Causes Cellulite
Cellulite does not mean that you are overweight. And thin people can have cellulite . If you are overweight, however, losing weight can reduce cellulite.Cellulite is common in women.Other factors:Poor diet,Fad diet,Slow metabolism,Lack of exercise,Hormonal changes,Dehydration.

Cellulite Treatments
Liposuction: Liposuction, though, removes deep fat, no cellulite, which is just under the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology warns that liposuction can actually worsen the appearance of cellulite by creating more depressions in the skin.,

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Also,ArganLife Argan oil can more naturally be used to reduce the effects of cellulite!


Argan Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin

Argan Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin


Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is very rich in beneficial nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin E. The properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair and skin, making it a popular cosmetic choice for many celebrities. . Here are some of the most common applications.

Skin Moisturiser
Argan oil is hydrating most commonly used as a skin moisturizer and soothe the skin. With its high fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil is to provide the ideal product to a natural stimulus to the skin. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, making it a great natural moisturiser.It is easy to use all over the body, including the face and neck.

Hair Conditioner
Argan oil has been proven to make hair smoother, softer and shinier. It is the ideal conditioner, and it may even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. Using argan oil to your hair condition is very simple.

Stretch marks are a problem for many pregnant women, but argan oil is ideal for protecting against stretch marks and sagging, wrinkled skin after birth. Argan oil increases the elasticity of the skin as a result of the vitamin E content. A few drops of rubbing Argan oil in chest, stomach, bottom, and thighs during pregnancy reduce the likelihood of developing unsightly stretch marks.

Sleek and Shine Styling
As a result of its ability to tame frizz and gives hair shine, argan oil is also commonly used as a styling agent. It makes the hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive sheen to hair. This is an ideal step to add to your daily routine after blow drying.

Not only argan oil act as an effective moisturizer, it also give the skin can reduce a youthful glow and visibility of wrinkles. The antioxidant effect makes argan oil anti-aging product.Dudak-Bakımı.jpg
Lip Moisturiser
Especially in cold or dry weather can easily become sore lips, dry and cracked. Argan Oil is the ideal product to ensure lips remain plump, soft and supple.

Where many oils and moisturizing skin conditions such as acne can worsen, argan oil soothes actually affected skin and promotes healing. Acne is often the result of an oily skin. Since argan oil is not fat, it helps to balance the skin through natural moisture. Argan oil also contains antioxidants that help to reduce heal damaged skin cells and inflammation.ARGANLife Hair Loss Regrowth Shampoo  78

One bottle of Argan Oil is extremely versatile and can be used for all these benefits. This ArganLife Argan Oil will change the way you live your life!



Healthy Life And Live Longer!!

Healthy Life And Live Longer!!

Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you to live longer.

Do Not Overeat
If you want to live to 100, leaving a little food on your plate may be a good idea.

Turn Off The TV
Too much time in front of the Tv can take a serious negative effect on your health.

Stay Out Of The Sun
Avoiding too much sun can head off skin cancer, and it can also keep you looking young by preventing wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Hand Out
That you have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, without a effective contact of friends and family. Otherwise healthy people, it is just as dangerous as having high cholesterol or smoking can be.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables
Getting less than three servings of fruits and vegetables a day can eat away at your health. Nutritional power packs filled with fiber and vitamins, fruit and vegetables may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 76% and may even play a role in reducing the risk of breast cancer.In addition, circulation-boosting powers of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can banish wrinkles.

Do Not Smoke
Quitting smoking is perhaps the single most important thing you can do for your health and your life.

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Use Healthy Products
Arganlife Hair and Skin Care Products provide you %100 Pure Argan Oil‘s natural healing for your hair and skin!