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Top Tips For Proper Hair Care At Home

Our daily life can affect the quality of our hair and cause hair damage, such as excessive brushing, too tight hairstyles, too hot blow-drying or chemical treatments such as dyeing paraben silicone alcohol shampoo-conditions .-Arganlife hair care products are chemical free and healthy for all kind of types


Beautiful hair is primarily healthy hair, and a luscious hairstyle contributes to a good self-esteem as a feature of vitality. Whether thick or thin, curly, smooth, fine or unruly:

Regardless of the condition, color or age, every hair can be used to the best effect with the right care. Arganlife Products tips will show you how to take care of the hair, strengthen the hair root and support the functions of the hair-forming tissue with good hair care in case of hair loss.

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Having a healthy body has a lot to do with healthy hairHair follicles need a good hair care product such as Arganlife shampoo. A shampoo that is free sulfate,silicone and paraben influences hair care. That’s why you should use Arganlife argan oil shampoo for daily hair care. Be sure to avoid general shampoos as these can potentially affect the amount and quality of your hair.


The Arganlife shampoo has a rich in vitamine E and is very creamy also smells perfume which is a great effectiness in hairArganlife shampoo is contains Moroccan argan oil and you  really only needs a small portion per wash. It foams very well and is easy to rinse off. Immediately after the wash, the hair feels supple. Arganlife shampoo for hair loss is suitable for every hair. In addition, the Argan Life shampoo with a combination of ingredients from pure argan oil in particular protects powerless and thinning hair, provides a vitalizing care.

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Have you ever tried Arganlife Organic Argan Oil for your hair care?



silicone free shampoo

No doubt, we desire our hair as in best sulfate and silicone free shampoo – shiny, soft and full. However, the means by which producers try to meet these requirements are sometimes less desirable because they are deeply involved in the chemistry trickery: in many conventional shampoos, there are ingredients that can harm us and the environment – or simply none real benefits such as silicones and sulfate.

What are sulfates and why are they often used for shampoos?

Sulfates are salts derived from sulfuric acid, which belong to the group of anionic surfactants and are used as shampoos in cosmetics. Sulfates offer a very good cleaning performance, produce a lot of foam and are comparatively cheaper than “milder” alternatives. The alternative surfactant systems are also more difficult to thicken and are therefore less frequently used.

Why Do sulfates Have Such A Bad Reputation?

Sulfates can have an increased irritation potential: due to the very good cleaning performance, they also release some of the fat from the skin, which can lead to dry hair spots in people. In this case we suggest you choose a sulfate free shampoo as arganlife best sulfate free shampoo.

arganlife silicone free shampoo

What Do Silicones Do in The Shampoo?

Silicones should make the hair soft, silky and shiny. They also do this by laying around  hair and optically smoothing it. In doing so, they form a film and seal the hair. It dries out and can no longer absorb any caring substances.

If a shampoo and a conditioner are applied regularly with silicones, a build-up effect is likely: the silicones are layered over the hair, they become heavy. Silicones in the shampoo cause little more than a beautiful appearance.Arganlife products do not contain silicone substance that harm hair.

Test: Silicone-free shampoos are “good”

Although silicones are still contained in a large number of hair care products, they are becoming more and more discredited. The selection of best shampoo free sulfate and silicones therefore grows constantly.

Organic Shampoo Without Silicones Is Better

If you are looking for best silicone and sulfate-free shampoos, the best advice is with certified natural cosmetics products-:

In the following, we will introduce you to the Arganlife herbal shampoo from Arganlife products

Arganlife Sulfate Free Shampoo No Silicones   

Arganlife sulfate free and silicone free shampoo cleans the hair and the scalp gently from all residues and provides every type of hair with deep moisture. The unique formula in the Arganlife sulfate free shampoo gives the hair its natural well-being and natural shine without destroying the hair structure.

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Arganlife hair loss shampoo for daily hair care is made from 100% cold-pressed argan oil and can thus unfold its multifarious mode of action.  The high argan oil content of this high-quality shampoo ensures a very gentle scalp cleansing in combination with a rich nutrient supply. This shampoo keeps your hair healthy and shiny when used regularly.

arganlife herbal shampooArganlife oil hair protects the hair with its antioxidants against harmful environmental influences. In addition, the natural vitamin E in Argan oil helps in the repair of already damaged hair-


Arganlife Sulfate Free Shampoo is vegan and- self-evidently free of animal testing.


Hair is silky and easy to comb – a really great feeling!

Great, pleasant, fresh fragrance

Contains Argan oil!

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Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care

Summer does not have to be the season of bad hair days. With some extra effort, you can have great hair on the steamiest days. Here are some hot tips:


Start the summer with a trim. You will get rid of split ends and refresh your style. You may need a mid-season cut too. Hair is actually growing faster in the summer. That’s because there are more hairs in the anagen or growing stage during the late spring and summer than in the dead of winter.

Protect your strands from the sun. Make a daily habit of applying a hair care product which contains UV-filters. These products protect hair from sun damage and help keep color-treated hair from fading. If you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat. Not only will keep your strands from getting scorched, it will also protect your scalp and ears, areas that are vulnerable to skin cancer.


Saturate strands before you dive. If your hair is soaked with clean water or leave-in conditioner, it will not absorb so much salt water or swimming pool chemicals. It’s also a good idea to try to rinse your hair after a swim. If there is not a shower in the area, keep a spray bottle filled with fresh water.

Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can wash your hair more often to deal with the sweat and grime of summer. With the aid of a clarification or anti-residue, shampoo to clean up once a week product build-up and chemicals. Just be sure to follow with a deep conditioning treatment.

Skip the hot tools. At least once or twice a week, give your hair a break from blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Wash your hair at night and piling up in a bun, a braid or ponytail before going to bed. When you wake up, you’ll have a nice beachy wave. It’s the perfect look for the weekend, or work-ready with accessories such as a thin headband or hair clips free.

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Outwit frizz. Hair that is healthy and well-kept is your best defense against frizz. Along with regular finishes and air conditioning, a drop or two of an anti-frizz serum or oil may help smooth hair and add shine. ARGANLife Argan Oil  can help in restoring the lost luster perfectly.


Important Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Important Tips To Prevent Hair Loss


Compulsory Exercise: It is proposed to make it mandatory that there is some physical activity on a daily basis that can include walking or swimming for half an hour, which is said to keep hormones in balance equal at the same time it is also said that reducing stress and hair loss.
Fight Stress: Stress is often considered the main reason for it is therefore proposed its first loss combat stress which is one of the most common ways to treat hair fall amounts. Some of the alternatives to this stress test is choosing yoga, meditation which are known to help in getting back the hormones in perfect balance.


Avoid Constant Heating and Drying:  Not open to her too much to heat and drying techniques as this process is said to be its proteins eventually reduce its fragility making it will weaken.

Visit The Doctor Regularly: Hair loss can also be caused by changes in the hormones that may be the result of the different health problems that arise as a result of the skin are related issues. It is therefore proposed to visit doctor on a regular basis.
Do Not Sweat Your Head: Men who have oily scalp can have problems with dandruff especially during summer season because sweating also is increasing the chance of hair loss. Men who are found to carry helmet mainly suffering from hair loss since heat is found to block the pores eventually lead to hair loss. If there is no alternative other than to prevent the use, it is proposed to use scarf helmet on the hair prior to the setting up of any helmet hair loss.


Hairstyle: Loosing too much hair would probably indicate relative change in hair style, because some of them, such as braids, ponytails will only mean drawing but with hair follicles which will eventually lead to baldness.

Avoid Chemicals: Hair can be damaged greatly by a number of difficult chemicals or even hair coloring products which may lead to hair loss. Arganlife Herbal Shampoo presents you the SLS, Paraben and Dye Free formulation for your hair care routine.You can protect your hair and prevent hair loss with natural ingredients of Arganlife Hair Care Products.

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Les Differents Types De Perte De Cheveux

Les Differents Types De Perte De Cheveux

Une perte de cheveux classique : une certaine quantité de perte de cheveux est naturelle chez les hommes et les femmes puisque tel est le cycle de croissance programmée par le créateur de l’humanité. Le cuir chevelu a en moyenne autour de 100 000 follicules pileux et sur une moyenne, nous perdons environ 70 à 100 follicules quotidiennement. C’est un cycle et cette perte est compensée par la croissance de nouveaux cheveux dans cuir chevelu sain. En moyenne le follicule pileux se développe pendant 7 ans et il augmente d’un demi-pouce dans un mois et si vous ne les coupez jamais, ils peuvent  croître jusqu’à 42 pouces (107cm).


Alopécie (Pelade) partielle / totale: l’alopécie (ou pelade) partielle est une perte de cheveux par zones qui se produit avec une grande imprévisibilité. Cela signifie les cheveux tomberont de certaines parties de la tête dans un, deux, trois ou plusieurs emplacements. L’alopécie (ou pelade) totale est une perte totale de cheveux ou complète, qui peut se prolonger jusqu’aux poils, cils, etc. Dans les deux cas les cheveux peuvent commencer à repousser seulement puis à retomber à nouveau à une date ultérieure. Peu d’informations sont disponibles concernant ces troubles. Les théories affirment qu’ils peuvent être aussi bien  héréditaires qu’immunologique. Il n’y a pas de remède qui est viable à long terme. Seules les solutions cosmétiques avancées semblent offrir le meilleur remède.


L’huile d’argan naturelle est connue pour son action revitalisante des cheveux, en particulier à sa racine (action radicale). L’huile d’argan prolonge la vie des cheveux et favorise la croissance à la fois chez les hommes que chez les femmes, car il stimule la production de kératine, constituant essentiel des cheveux.

Caracteristiques Exclusives Du Produit Professionnel De Soin Capillaire Arganlife :

  • Composition 100% naturelle: produit sans Sulfate, ni silicone, ni alcool, ni sel, ni colorant
  • Produit à base d’huile d’Argan, 100% naturelle
  • Empêche d’avoir les cheveux gras
  • Des cheveux long et en bonne santé – POUSSE RAPIDE DES CHEVEUX (Si vous êtes à la recherche de la méthode la plus complète pour accélérer la croissance des cheveux, vous l’avez trouvé.)
  • Produits testés et contrôles de manière microbiologique, dermatologique et hypoallergénique
  • Elle nourrit le cuir chevelu depuis les racines, les renforce, et ainsi prémuni contre la perte de cheveux.
  • L’huile d’Argan est immédiatement absorbée par les cheveux et les
  • Les personnes ayant des cheveux abîmés suite à des défrisages répétitifs ou autres traitements contenant des produits chimiques peuvent retrouver la brillance de leur cuir chevelu perdu grâce à l’huile d’Argan.


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