Benefits of ArganLife Sulfate Free Shampoo

Benefits of ArganLife Sulfate Free Shampoo

The first thing you notice about sulfate-free shampoo is that it does not foam. This is a problem for many people because they are not washed their hair. However, you must remember that the only reason that other shampoos lather so much is due to the sulfates in them. If you are going to avoid sulfates, you have the fact that your sulfate free shampoo does not lather as you did accept old shampoo.


Most of the shampoo and conditioner products you buy at your local supermarket or drugstore will sulfates, those harmful chemicals that can actually damage your hair can. There are many reasons why you should consider sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Once you realize the value of a large sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, you do not want to buy your regular hair care again.

Sulfate-free shampoo in order to prevent the brittleness and breakage that can produce sulfates, as well as helping to maintain the volume, because there are fewer hairs fall out during washing. Because sulfate is a chemical substance, this can lead to dry, irritated skin on your scalp. If you regularly experience itching, especially after washing your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner, it may be a result of sulfate in these products. In some cases, can even ulcers sulfate to create on the scalp. The removal of these harmful substance can produce amazing results.

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How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Topical Treatments

Use Essential Oils In Combination With A Scalp Massage;
Massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp to keep your hair follicles active. Massage your scalp daily by hand for a few minutes.

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Moisture Recover By Means Of Hot Oil Treatments
Take olive, coconut, argan oil and heat it up so it warm or hot. Massage it gently into your hair. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then natural shampoo your hair. ArganLife Argan Oil will be perfect choice for oil treatment.

Try Rubbing Your Scalp With Garlic Juice, Onion Juice Or Ginger Juice
Make sure you only use one of these juices; they do not mix. Leave the juice on your scalp at night, and it was in the morning.

Rub Green Tea Into Your Hair
Tea contains antioxidants that can prevent hair loss and help hair growth.Brew 2 bags of green tea in 1 cup of water. Let cool slightly tea and then apply it on your hair.

Boil Potatoes And Rosemary In Water On Your Stove Top
Strain the liquid and use it daily as a hair rinse.

Lifestyle Changes

Include More Protein-Rich Foods In Your Diet
Eating lean meat, fish, soy, or other proteins may help to prevent hair loss. A
lso contains protein, lots of foods rich in protein also contain vitamin B-12.
Hair Care That You Need
Never brush wet hair and rub your hair dry with a towel. Instead it leaves the dry air or otherwise blow-dry it to the point of moisture, and allow it to dry from there.


Natural Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

Natural Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be caused by sudden changes in body size such as pregnancy, quick weight gain or loss .But there are useful tips you can do to prevent stretch marks, as well as reducing the appearance.

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Argan Oil

Triterpenoids and antioxidants naturally present in argan oil. When applied to stretch marks, will help argan oil to fade scars, while also hydrating the skin and improving health of the cell. Argan oil is made up of about 80% of the fatty acids which soften and strengthen the skin, restoring elasticity and promote the growth of new cells. Also, ArganLife’s pure organic argan oil can be used as a healing moisturizer after treatment.

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera or aloe vera gel are excellent sources of vitamins that help to heal the skin. Aloe is also one of the most perfect natural moisturizers and is used to keep hair, skin and nails strong and healthy.



Amino acids are exist in eggs naturally.They can go through through the epidermis, help to strengthen the skin and heal scars. To make a mask, whip them until there is the white peaks. Use a soft brush , apply this treatment for stretch marks and let it dry completely before you remove. Follow up with a good stretch mark fighting moisturizer such as argan oil.maxresdefault

Sugar Scrub

Another way to reduce stretch mark is a scrub sugar. Mix 2 parts of sugar with 1 part  olive oil. Add a teaspoon organic lemon juice. Glycolic acid in sugar and citric acid in lemon juice are both potent alpha-hydroxy acids that help rejuvenate the skin by stimulating new growth.


Tips To Boost HairLine Growth

Tips To Boost HairLine Growth


Brushing and combing your hair can stress your hairline. Getting a hair cut can reduce the time you need to spend on brushing hair and reduce the brush stress.

If you need to brush your hair, do it as gently as possible to avoid breaking down each strand at the root. Stop using a harsh brush along the hairline and pick soft brushes.


After washing and rinsing your hair, let it air dry or dry it with a soft towel.Do not rub your hair dry or wring excess moisture. Either action could create additional tax on the remaining hair from your scalp.
Braids, weaves, buns, and even a ponytail can effect your hairline. Keep your hair down to the amount of stress reduction on your follicles. If your hair tied back, can tresses from breaking at the root, leaving hair around your temples, bangs, sideburns, and forehead.

Chemical relaxers and dyes only minimal damage to healthy hair, but when used on weakened hair strands, these common products of the problem can make things worse.

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The negative effect of potent chemicals may be enough seem obvious, but you also need to limit the use of milder chemicals. For example, most hair products contains alcohol. Alcohol removes moisture from your hair, making it more brittle and likely to break down as a result. ArganLife Shampoo do not contain alcohol, dye, sulfate or salt. You can remove the negative effects of hair products by choosing ArganLife Natural Products.


Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss


Heat can make hair structure weakened . Constant heating and drying can lead to fragility and vulnerability that can lead to hair loss. Natural drying would have been taken place best for your hair, so focused on the naturally more dry than drying heat. Other devices you use for heating like hot brushes and hair straighteners, can  effect hair badly too. If you do not use heated tools carefully, you can can damage hair follicles and burn scalp permanently !
Permanent refers to either chemical straightening or chemical curling, both could you hurt hair. It can break the inner tires of your hair, and then transform them in a different way to correct or curl your hair. This weakens your hair, making it dull, dry and brittle.Over time dry and brittle hair can contribute to hair loss.


Saving on dyes and chemicals. Frequent use of hair dyeing chemicals increases the likelihood is done serious damage to your hair. Do not color your hair more than once every four to seven weeks. When it comes to going gray, it is a piece of friendly for you to rotate her gray than to paint it.
Bleaching your hair removes your natural pigment. By doing so, you change the structure of your hair and makes it more susceptible to damage. You are making it weaker, so can you really hurt hair bleached in combination with blow-drying and styling.


Some hairstyles the tightening and elastics or clips may be a cause of hair loss, if it is done on a daily basis. For tight ponytail, tight braids, cornrows, braids and lead to significant hair loss occurred in daily. Winding hair firmly on rollers, especially heated rollers, is liable cause more hair loss.

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