Essential Hair Care Tips For Spring

Essential Hair Care Tips For Spring


The switch of the climate of the cold and dry air from the winter to the spring, you can become her erratic. Hair can easily go from dry to moist and fluffy in a matter of seconds! And if you want to keep your hair looking its best all the time, here are some tips:

Sun Protection:

As the sun affects your skin, it does for your hair. The increased exposure to the sun can lead to cause serious and permanent damage to your hair. If you or lighter colored hair, the lightning can cause unwanted or fade the color. It can also cause your hair very dry until it feels like a straw disposed of all the moisture out of it. As a preventive step, switch to shampoos and conditioners with UV protection formula to prevent damaging UV rays of the sun out of your hair.



Appropriate moisture is difficult to reach when it comes to caring for your hair. Winters   which the air is dry, it is important to use moisturizing products gives your hair the right humidity. But it is a bit difficult to deal with when the season is wet and humid. Hydration is also key to the creation of a healthy hair routine. You should not completely abandon conditioning but make adjustments to the way you use a conditioner. ArganLife Shampoo and Argan Oil gives you the utmost moisture and care that your hair deserves.

Lighter Locks:

Nothing screams spring or summer better than light locks can. Hence, if you’ve always wanted to get a lighter shade, now is the time to do this. Specifically ask for a balayage or go bronde. Both are excellent colors for the warmer months. As a bonus, you can fake it sunlit look to your hair.


Hold Frizz:

Frizz is another common problem in the warmer months. But you can easily tackle this problem with proper hair care product. For example, you can use a moisturizing conditioner or a leave-in conditioner to keep hydrating properties to frizz at bay. Or, you can also use a serum as it helps to seal in the moisture in your hair cuticle and prevents it from becoming frizzy hair when it comes into contact with moist air. For a long-lasting result, get regular deep conditioning treatment at home.





Should You Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo?

Should You Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo?

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Sulfates are detergents that are found in most of the rinse-off products, such as shampoos and skin cleansers. You can see them reliant on labels as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate. Sometimes they are referred to as SLS for short. Sulfates are considered safe when used short, followed by thorough rinsing of the skin touched them.


Sulfate products lead to …

Scalp Irritation: Sulfates are known as serious skin irritant contents. Detergents, removes the oil on surface of skin, so effectively that they can actually stripping outer protective layer of your scalp. With a compromised barrier function, it is very easy for harmful bacteria to enter and had struggled to get out.

Acne: As if the irritation was not bad enough, many people also receive reports of acne on the scalp and around the hairline! I’m not quite sure of the mechanism here-it could be from bacteria or from the hardness of sulphates cause rebound oil.

Hair Loss: Finally, some people have pointed finger on the sulfates to contribute to hair loss, thinning and shedding by causing an inflammation of the scalp.


Sulfates are so prevalent in all for the same reason they are cheap! Sadly beauty companies that do not care about your health as much as they care about their profits. Fortunately, there are ArganLife Sulfate-Free Shampoo option right now, which work better than ever!


Ayurvedic Remedies For Hair Fall

Ayurvedic Remedies For Hair Fall

Ayurveda promotes the use of various herbs directly to treat hair loss on the scalp. These herbs are available in powder form or in the form of oil in most ayurvedic stores. Let’s look at the number of Ayurvedic treatments that are beneficial to demonstrate to prevent hair loss.
For years, get used to treat skin conditions and hair loss. It is often used to alleviate itching and inflammation during chicken pox, and measles. Regular use of neem on the scalp improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots, which stimulates hair growth. Also used to reduce dandruff and lice. When the scalp is affected by dryness, scaliness, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and excess sebum, the hair roots get damaged. This causes hair loss. The promotion of hair growth, take helps the treatment of these conditions.

Ritha or soap nuts are used by women for centuries as a natural shampoo. With regular use, ritha stimulates hair growth and makes hair thick and beautiful. Since it is light, can be used as a daily shampoo without damage to the hair. When washing your hair everyday worries you, choose this natural alternative. Ritha also conditions your hair while cleansing it.

Brahmi helps strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. It provides nourishment to the roots and promotes new follicle growth. Regular use of Brahmi makes the hair thick and shiny. It is also helpful in reducing dandruff. Brahmi help her pack to reduce the itching of the scalp. When used regularly, it reduces split ends. It includes the hair follicles with a protective layer which, in its turn its glossy and thick.

Hot Oil Massage With ArganLife Argan Oil
A hot oil massage with argan oil improves circulation, rejuvenates your hair follicles, leading to improved blood circulation to the roots. You can count on good results in the form of reduced hair loss and rapid hair growth within a span of six months. Make it hot. Application of this mixture shows favorable results in quick time.

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Use ArganLife Argan Oil at least three times per week. Put oil on the scalp and massage gently into the roots of the hair!


La Perte Des Cheveux

La Perte Des Cheveux


La génétique :

Nous sommes tous porteurs de gènes de nos parents dans une proportion égale. Si un de nos ancêtres a eu la perte de cheveux permanente, elle est reportée à nos vies aussi et donc irréversibles. Ceci est appelé à motifs calvitie, plus prononcé chez les hommes et par conséquent l’Homme ayant une calvitie ou MPB commun. MPB: Cet héritage est plus courant chez les jeunes hommes mais aussi connu pour affecter les personnes d’âge moyen.

La détection précoce est importante et à ce jour il n’y a pas de traitement médical pour cette maladie. Un bon nettoyage du cuir chevelu et sa nutrition sont importants. D’une manière générale, autour de 25%  des hommes de moins de 30 ans et 70% d’entre eux plus de 40 ans ont déjà eu une calvitie. Il commence le processus en fluidifiant le sommet de la tête ou de la racine des cheveux et recule de plus vers la couronne. Dans certains cas, la perte est plus marquée autour de la couronne.


La fièvre et autres maladies générales:

Un patient de typhoïde, après une durée d’environ trois mois après la fièvre, tend à perdre des cheveux de manière excessive. Une forte fièvre due à d’autres causes telles que la dengue, de la fièvre virale ou une faible fièvre, mais prolongée comme la tuberculose ou récurrente comme pour le paludisme peut également conduire à la perte excessive de cheveux.

Le stress émotionnel:

il peut également conduire à la perte de cheveux, indépendamment du facteur lié au stress. Les facteurs peuvent être aussi variés que le lieu de travail, la phobie des examens, l’histoire de cœur, la discorde conjugale ou de la perte des proches et chers – les cheveux sont induits prématurément dans la phase télogène.

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Hair Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Hair Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

ARGANLife Hair Loss Regrowth Shampoo  80

Only Washing Hair

You need a balance of the product on your entire head while washing your hair so shampoo your roots, along with your hair and use a conditioner for the hair. ArganLife Hair Care Products can give your hair and scalp the care they reserves.

Delaying Hair Wash 

Wash your hair when you think you need it. It can range from every day during the summer, even once a week in the winter.


Using Hair Towel

Be careful with your hair and pat dry with a towel. Rubbing your hair will cause damage with a towel.

Applying Shampoo Directly

Put a small amount of shampoo on your head because too much can not rinse well. You can add more if it is not enough.


Brushing Hair Wet

We usually brush our hair immediately after taking a shower which causes breakage. Try washing your hair soft and you do not withdraw.