How To Promote Hair Growth

How To Promote Hair Growth

Many classic hairstyles require long hair. You do not have to wait for a certain trend – long hair is always in fashion. Old or young, long hair can be a nice addition. Unfortunately, it takes years to grow hair in a significant length. As always, there are ways to shorten the waiting time and we want to let you into the secrets of growing beautiful long hair.

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Scalp massages stimulate blood flow and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots. The increased circulation provides the best starting conditions for each individual hair. Besides, a stimulating scalp massage has many benefits for our overall wellbeing. Two massage techniques stimulate hair growth particularly good. One of these techniques in achieving all your fingers in your hair and pull gently. You should feel the tension, but you should not be out until it hurts. Use this technique to pull all of your hair. Remember, massages should be a pleasant experience!

Another very effective way to stimulate hair growth is tapping massage, which is even more effective when you first massage your fingers in a little alcohol-containing hair tonic or a drop of essential citrus oils (eg, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit or lemon dip oil). Touch your scalp with your fingertips and begin gently, but tapping into a relatively fast pace.

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You can start your hair grow as fast as possible with the shampoo. ArganLife stimulates the formation of keratin in the hair roots. Keratin proteins are the main building blocks of the hair. However, with increasing age, we have the tendency to produce less keratin. Some shampoos layer, the individual hairs with a carrier film, which contains collagen complex and other auxiliary ingredients. This film protects and supports every hair and makes it look stronger and thicker in an instance.


Moisturizers such as aloe vera, yoghurt, wheat proteins, and panthenol are particularly advantageous for the ends and does not weigh the hair down. In case your hair is naturally strong and tends to look dry and straw-like, you must reach for richer care. Ideally, Argan Oil and soy proteins and of the active ingredients.

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