Important Tips for Natural Hair Care

Important Tips for Natural Hair Care

Keep Your Scalp Clean And Healthy

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. And of course, clean her follow suit. How do you choose your scalp and keep her clean is yours. Your hair cleaning method depends on several factors: its type (density, porosity, curl type) and personal ideologies. Some are against sulphates while others do not mind using them. Some are strictly co-rings, while others use washes mud. Some wash their hair every week, others every two weeks. These nuances are all part of the natural hair journey.

No matter your way, the key is to make sure that your scalp and hair have a healthy environment to thrive. If you want to try new methods, pay attention to how to respond to your scalp and hair, set your regimen accordingly.


Ensure Proper Moisture-Protein Balance

If your hair is dry and brittle (inelastic), it will break. If your hair is too loose (too elastic), it will break. In essence, if your hair falls too far on either side of the spectrum, will break; basically what you need to balance.

The key to fountain. You moisturize hair you need to add water or water based products to your hair. Protein gives your hair structure and strength. Depending on the structure of your hair, you may need more or less protein in your hair regime. The proper moisture-protein balance is different for everyone. So it’s important to assess your hair as you develop a regime.


Protect Your Strands

When growing natural hair, it is important to protect your strand ends. Maintaining proper protein-moisture balance provides the hair so it can withstand the elements. To protect her further, it is important to limit manipulation of your hair. You should also take into account mechanical damage and heat damage.

How you choose to protect your hair is up to you. The protective measures that you take depends on the thickness of your hair strand, your lifestyle and personal preferences. Protective style options are: fabrics, wigs, twists, braids, buns and up-dos.

Choosing Arganlife’s natural products with clean ingredients will make a huge difference for you! Arganlife Hair Care Products protect your hair and scalp with its unique Sulfate, Silicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free formulation.

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