Not A Morning Person ?

Not A Morning Person ?


Just because you do not wake up bright and fluffy tail to wake up, does not mean you can not start your day on the right foot by making a few additions to your morning beauty routine. Add this to your ” must-dos ” morning schedule and reap the benefits all day long.


Mist Your Face

Keep your face lacks choice in your fridge and give yourself a frigid spritz to face first thing in the morning. It’s shocking, yes, but it’s just put the thing in the morning puffiness down and leave you feeling light and awake. Very awake.





Drink Green Tea

If you have a A.M. needed caffeine boost and are not the kind of coffee, green tea is the perfect way to get it. The drink is packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, which has been proven to slow cell damage (read: premature aging) and are also linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers. Can not bear to give up your coffee habit? Good news: coffee contains antioxidants, too, and research suggests that it may even speed up metabolism.



Move Your Body

Studies have shown that women who exercise sleep in the morning better at night. Yet the beauty benefits of sleep are very real, so you want to make sure you get every second of sleep you need, without prejudice to fit in that early morning workout. Move your schedule to make easier to manage a morning workout.

Spritz a Citrus Scent

Something as simple as using a citrus-based perfume or body lotion can help jump start your day. Studies have shown that citrus scents really work to reduce stress and even help boost the immune system.



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