Depending on the cause, most hair loss is the direct result of unbalanced hair follicles and undernourished hair strands. The nutrients that our hair requires to stay healthy and shiny are often left out of our traditional diets. This in turn directly affects the way our hair looks and grows. Argan Oil reverses this effect. The oil nourishes our hair follicles and prevents breakage that damages hair over the long-term. Faster hair growth is a direct result of using this oil.

ARGANLife Hair Loss Regrowth Shampoo  80

Our 100% all organic blend of Argan Oil has been scientifically proven and tested to help prevent hair loss. In addition to Argan oil, Argan Life Hair Care Products also enable the regrowth of hair. Our formula is a combination of all natural 100% silicone, sulfate, alcohol and Nacl free ingredients. Instead of drenching your hair with unnatural chemicals you can now use our argan life hair care products to nourish and replenish your hair. If you are looking for a natural and pure product to help you prevent hair loss then consider our exclusive line of argan life hair care products. Arganlife Pure Argan Oil and Arganlife Hair Care Product must be used regularly to see the positive results for at least 3 months.ARGANLife Hair Loss Regrowth Shampoo  110

Here are some comments of Arganlife users :

“This argan oil is organic and cold pressed. Other companies charge three times as much. I love this oil! I am amazed at how soft it makes my skin, and that it is not greasy at all!! I highly recommend this. I also use a few drops to moisturize my arms and legs. Great deal for a great product!” Kristin K. Italia

“Had heard about argan oil as an ingredient in other hair/skin products, but wanted a pure, organic oil that would not be mixed with other additives that might not be as effective or healthy on the skin. This company sells a certified organic version of the oil at a reasonable price. They also delivered very quickly…the oil arrived very fast.” Robert H. Australia

“For starters, it smells really fantastic. Second, it’s slicones and sulfate free (those are ingredients used in most shampoos that damage hair). Argan Life with 100% pure argan oil hair care product leaves my hair feeling noticeably soft and manageable. I would definitely recommend!”Alf H. Australia

“I bought ARGANLife after researching about hair loss. I was amazed how well this product worked, not only as a hair care but as an everyday wash and hair care. I noticed that My hair loss stopped.” Mike K. USA

“I have been slowly loosing hair over the last 4 years and have noticed it accelerating in the last 2 year or so. Since i have started to use ARGANLife products my friends and barber have noticed that my hair looks thicker and fuller. For the first time in 4 years I’m growing more hair than I lose.” Susan R. Finland


You can find more information about Arganlife Products and how to purchase them at our website:


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