Beauty Secrets Of A Geisha

Beauty Secrets Of A Geisha


It’s easy to think of the Japanese beauty as the realm of anything cute false eyelashes to brightly packaged face masks. What many do not realize is that many Japanese women still use traditional methods beauty of the original bombshells the country. These women have wrinkle free, stain free, perfect complexion. Where does it come from? Their food. Their natural resources to work double duty, as food but also cleansers and moisturizers.

Adzuki Beans: You can eat adzuki beans with rice or mochi, or you can crush the beans and wash your face to exfoliate your skin. The brown-red beans are also a rich source of antioxidants. Japanese noblewomen used stone ground adzuki beans for beauty.  Adzuki powder was placed inside a small silk bag and moistened with water to create a creamy cleanser to gently scrub the face and body.  Today cotton bags are used or the powder is applied directly to the face.


Green Tea: You must be dedicated to drinking the antioxidant and metabolism booster two or three times a day. The Japanese tea ceremony is important, not only for the nerves, but for the skin.Green tea protects the hair from pollution and aggressive products while making it strong and shiny.Not only does green tea help conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis by reducing inflammation, also promotes hair growth and softens strands. This happens due to a high level of panthenol, vitamin E and vitamin C, all of which are well established its conditioners.You can use it as a last rinse after you shampoo and condition it.


Rice: Wash face-down with boiled rice water is an old trick used to keep clear and fair skin. Rice water helps with the elasticity of your skin tone even and smooth texture. The rice water actually helps gradually lighten the skin, you can consider the original skin whiteners. Wash your face, then soak a cotton pad in the rice water and bring it about, as you would with a toner. Rice is rich in a complex of B vitamins called inositol ‘that stimulates cell growth, slows the aging process and stimulates blood flow – the perfect recipe to tighten pores and bring a glow to the face. In addition, rice water also moisturizing, anti-oxidants, and UV-absorbing properties, along with the ability to bind to naturally occurring copper in the skin, thus preventing the formation of melanin formation and age spots.


Argan Oil: Argan oil is packed with oleic acid that is highly compatible with our own skin. Both men and women can use argan oil to moisturize their skin, face and hair.This oil offers the perfect leave-in conditioner to your hair easier to style. Argan oil helps to protect against the heat of the curling irons all the while promoting the body and a healthy glow.


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