Ways to Detangle Your Hair

Ways to Detangle Your Hair

You know it can be a little painful and oddly stressful when you can not get your brush through the knotted, tangled mess that you call hair? We’ve all been there after a shampoo and maybe a beach session and some of us like to have her own knot without any provocation. It’s so tempting to you to force your way through the jungle of hair, even though you know that it’s the wrong thing to do, even if you know you’re just making it worse. Resist the urge because there is a better way.


Here’s how to prevent and resolve tangles once and for all:

Go For A Wide Toothed Comb On Wet Hair: Combing through wet hair requires to a wide-toothed tool to avoid pulling to promote your tresses and the even distribution of the conditioner. It is always recommended that combing through the tips of your hair first, then making your way up slowly. Working in small sections in order to prevent the creation of more tangles.

Customize Your Shower Routine: Quitting by doing a rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle always.This keeps frizz the hair in place and prevent future knots.

Blot Do Not Rub: Rubbing or wrapping your hair in a towel is not a good idea. Blotting your hair is dry safer because you’re not edit the hair cuticle, resulting in knots.

Get Regular Cut: Split ends are one of the biggest contributors to buttons. Be sure that your ends are maintained will keep them in check. Colored hair can weaken the cuticle and make it more proven to splitting again and getting caught.


Change Your Sleep Style: Invest in a silk pillowcase. They are much gentler on the hair than cotton, and prevents the formation of knots. Or, style your hair in a braid or a bun before bed.

Extreme Situations: In the case of near dreadlocks, it is recommended a step back and recharge a leave-in conditioner or a dime size amount of creamy conditioner and let it absorb for a few minutes first. Then brush through the ends to roots to gently untangle.

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