Women’s Top Beauty Tips

Women’s Top Beauty Tips

Rubbing coffee on thighs to fight with cellulite and brushing teeth with baking soda to make them brighter are among women‘s weird beauty secrets.

Coffee Scrub

Other tricks such as rinsing hair with raw eggs and beer to make it appear shiny and applying toothpaste on acne and insect bites to help to cure them.Brushing talcum powder for oily hair and wearing socks on moisturized feet while sleeping are also common.



The extreme lengths which women can go to were spilled out following a wide study involving thousands of women by skincare experts.


  • Cucumber on eyes to freshen them up
  • Drink 2 lt water everyday
  • Tea bags on tired eyes
  • Brush talcum powder through oily hair to freshen it up
  • Shave legs with hair conditioner
  • Lemon juice on highlighted hair
  • Drinking plenty of milk
  • Nail polish in refrigerator
  • Baking soda and coconut oil to brush teeth
  • Vaseline on eyebrows
  • Final rinse hair with vinegar added water
  • Cold teaspoons applied to eyes to decrease puffiness


  • Coffee as a body scrub
  • Steam face in water with fresh herbs added
  • Heat up eye lash curlers before using them
  • Sleep on back to avoid wrinkles
  • Add sugar to honey to exfoliate
  • Rinse hair with beer
  • Lemon juice to whiten tips of nails
  • Using milk in to the bath or on skin
  • Apply whisked egg yolks to hair to make it shiny
  • Mix a drop of serum with foundation to make skin glow
  • Massage an ice-cube over your face to freshen up


  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles
  • Argan and coconut oil on your hair to give it a moisture boost
  • Using honey as a face mask
  • Mashed avocado as a body scrub
  • Having a cold shower to make breasts appear bigger
  • Using cranberry juice to boost hair shine and enhance colour
  • Adding peppermint oil to lip gloss
  • Brewer’s yeast mixed with water to bleach facial hair

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Women’s Top Beauty Tips” üzerine 2 yorum

  1. i use a few drops of argan oil with some clay and rose water as a mask.It cleans my pores and deeply exfoliates. just a suggestion 😉

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