Why is so Long Hair?

Why is so Long Hair?

Why have humans evolved the ability to grow the hair on their heads long?

In most mammals the ability to grow long hair is an adaption for the cold and mammals that come from warmer climates tend to have hair (or fur) that grows to a standard length (as it were) and then not get any longer.  Human head hair seems to violate this rule and I have been trying to think of the reason why this is in evolutionary terms.


While hair is still damp (the “Liquid” part of the equation), apply Rare Hair Oil throughout your hair. Start with a small amount at first and add more if needed. To seal in the oil, next apply Longhairlovers Luxe Leave-in Treatment as your “Cream.” Allow hair to air-dry or use a diffuser for super-defined curls. For a straighter look use a stronger blow-dry setting. This hair care method will prevent breakage by keeping hair soft and hydrated as you inch toward your hair growth goal.


A nutritional supplement long used by athletes is now being shown to stimulate healthy hair growth.

According to a study published in the journal Experimental Dermatology, the amino acid has the ability to extend the period of maximum hair growth, meaning longer hair for people who haven’t been able to grow long hair before. It works by increasing the energy supply to the hair follicle and prolonging the life of the follicle. Since the hair stays on the head longer, it’s able to grow longer.


Many women with textured hair find their curls to be delicate and vulnerable to weather and styling products. Their textured hair can be more prone to breakage and split ends, which can cause hair to appear rough and unkempt. It can be especially frustrating if you’d like to grow your hair longer. A great way to protect your hair while letting it grow and looking stylish at the same time, is to braid your hair. Braids always seem to be in style, but each season stylists come up with many different takes on the classic braided styles. Check out these ten great styles below to get some ideas.


Braids are one category of “protective” hairstyles. But how exactly do they protect your hair, and what are they protecting from? Dry air, pollution, harsh hair products, friction against clothing, pillows, and even ordinary grooming and styling can cause damage to your hair. Also, for curly hair, each textured strand has fewer layers of surface cuticle than straight hair; this causes fragility and dryness, since moisture escapes from the hair shaft more easily. The mini-curls tend to get very tangled, and the result is more demanding care challenges. However, keep in mind that no matter if you have curly or straight locks, hair braiding styles with the right kind of regular care will put you on the road to stronger, healthier hair.


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